Website Design & Maintenance
We develop visually stunning websites that are designed with responsiveness and performance in mind. Less headache for you, more conversions for your business.
Social Media Management
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and more... there's a lot of platforms out there. But which is best for your brand?
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Brand Design
What's your brand statement? If you don't know, we can help. Our brand design services help you determine your audience, develop a message, and keep it consistent.
Reports & Analytics
Don't waste your time on something that doesn't work. We track all campaign metrics and provide personalized insights to turn numbers into actions.
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Marketing made easy.

Not all companies need or have the resources for a full-time Marketing Department. But agencies are expensive and the person assigned to your account can change frequently. The solution is simple. As independent Marketing Contractors we provide the quality service of an in house Marketing Specialist without the cost of a salary. Your business is our business so we get to know your staff, your industry, and your company.


"She is meticulous, responsive to client suggestions, can work within budgetary restrictions, and charges affordable and ethically fair rates. Jordanna is able to give an honest professional opinion if client requests are redundant, or too complex for the size of the organization. The various registration platforms she has designed for us and other non-profits have enabled us to keep functioning remotely during the pandemic. She is also able to work in challenging, time-pressured environments, and ran our recent two day long Health & Wellness online conference over Zoom as MC, and technical wizard 😉 She is a superb team player as well. If you contract with Jordanna, it will be money spent wisely, a great investment and you will get a superb end product."​

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